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Used RV Furniture Can Give our Tired RVs a Facelift

Instead of selling our old RVs, we should consider refurbishing them with used RV furniture. If our only reason to sell our RVs is the furniture is battered and broken, we should think about it for a while. If the exterior and the shell are in top condition, selling the whole thing can be a bit premature. There are a lot of high quality and pre-owned RV furniture that still has a lot of life left in them.

The Whole Industry of Used RV Furniture

Yes, you’re thinking what most people think. You’re thinking that used furniture equates to beaten and battered furniture that have seen better years. That is not entirely the case. As a matter of fact, there is a whole industry that refurbishes and sells old RV furniture. The market for secondhand RV furniture is lucrative, so much so that dealerships and small businesses alike were established solely to cater to this market.

When “Used” Doesn’t Really Mean “Used”

Dealers get their merchandise from a number of sources. Oftentimes, these so called “used” parts or furniture are not used at all, but where do these dealers get them?

Remember the time when you bought a new car and you asked for the upgraded stereo? What do you think happened to the stock stereo? It got sold again of course. The same thing happens to RV sales. A customer wants an upgraded fridge and microwave or he wants a different color for the couch but the old stuff doesn’t get thrown away. They get labeled as “used” and are sold again.

Why Secondhand RV Furniture is Oftentimes the Better Option

images (7)Buying new stuff all the time is oftentimes not the best thing for us to do, especially in this economy. New furniture is more expensive and, most of the time, gives the same amount of value that secondhand or refurbished furniture does. As a matter of fact, most secondhand RV furniture pieces still have a lot of life in them.

Most secondhand RV furniture for sale has been used for less than 3 months. How is this so? This happens when people who just recently bought RVs find some furniture not to their liking and have these replaced. The replaced item in turn is sold again as a used part. Another situation is when the furniture suffers minor damage and the owner opts to replace the whole thing instead. The damage from the old piece can be easily repaired and sold again as a used piece of RV furniture.

Where to Find Used RV Furniture

If we live in an area that is a huge camping town or if we live anywhere near a great camping destination, chances are there will be quite a few dealers of secondhand RV furniture within a few miles of where we are. If we can’t find any, we can just do a quick search online. We will find a variety of online stores that probably has the thing that you need. We can also find listings of all dealers divided per state. Finding the used RV furniture that we need has never been easier.

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